Pascal Grüttner / Stv. Vorsitzender | Digital Health Germany e.V.

Pascal Grüttner is vice-chairman of Digital Health Germany, an association founded in Cologne in 2019. He is also head of IT of the Hospitalvereinigung St. Marien GmbH in Cologne. Educated in medicine and as a medical doctor his professional environment since more than 25 years is the IT.
Digital Health Germany aims to improve and connect the ecosystem of digital health by conducting research and development, improving preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation processes, optimising communication, knowledge and data management in health care, providing a network and political support and finally supporting startups. Digitising the digital health ecosystem, another focus is to provide a digital health ecosystem for all citizens.
The „Hospitalvereinigung St. Marien“ is a group of eight hospitals, two health centers and further medical institutions with locations in Cologne and Wuppertal. It is part of the „Stiftung der Cellitinnen zur hl. Maria“, a modern provider of health care, nursing care and rehabilitation.