Natalia Karbasova / Head of Burda Bootcamp | Hubert Burda Media

Natalia Karbasova is Head of Burda Bootcamp & Creative Evangelist at the German-based tech and media company Hubert Burda Media. The has founded the FitTech Summit, the first conference in Europe devoted to fitness technology, digital health & active lifestyle (
Storytelling has always been her passion. Before enrolling at the Burda School of Journalism in 2011, Natalia honed her journalistic skills reporting for Bonnier Business Press and Deutsche Welle. After graduating, she was invited to work directly for Dr. Hubert Burda as Digital Assistant. Fully devoted to „prototyping the future of media“, 2014 saw Natalia successfully launch a new Burda institution, the Burda Bootcamp which is a startup school for talented young entrepreneurs, coders and designers, nurturing the startup ecosystem in Munich.
In her spare time, she’s working on improving her coaching abilities after graduating from the CTI Coactive Coach Training Program and Leadership Program. She is also a fitness trainer specializing on functional & bodyweight workouts.
Natalia speaks English, German and Russian.