DESKCLOUD is the key to innovative work environments and offers more than just a desk. As a community platform for the coworking industry, we connect coworkers with coworking spaces. This gives teams of all sizes more freedom and flexibility in their day-to-day work. With only one membership DESKCLOUD provides physical access to coworking spaces from Germany´s biggest co-working network. Together we change the way of working.

Founded in January 2019 DESKCLOUD is the leading Coworking platform in Germany, where coworker can easily use workspace with only one membership. More than 70 inspiring locations are waiting for the DESKCLOUD-Coworkers. We offer flexible workspace to boost your people, productivity and business! Work faster and more flexible in a community of like-minded individuals.

DESKCLOUD fits perfectly to Startups and entrepreneurs: 

Learn from other entrepreneurs and meet new people in the best coworking spaces in Germany. Coworking is very valuable for starting your business and DESKCLOUD is the key to all these inspiring work environments of creatives and like-minded individuals.

… works best for freelancers: 

Working from home is hard. Get access to the best Coworking spaces nearby and meet new clients, friends, and partners in a professional work environment.

… and gives teams and enterprises easy access to flexible workspaces: 

Employees are more satisfied, increase their productivity and stick around longer if they like where they work. DESKCLOUD is the tool for remote working teams. Empower your team to work from inspiring coworking spaces while building a company culture you can be proud of.