„The Chamber of Horror“

A new degree of scariness. „The Chamber of Horror“, counting 60 Mio. clicks online, belongs to one of the most wide-spread VR movies of the world. By now the movie already made numerous people creeping out while watching. It doesn’t need any explanation that feeling right in the heart of the action and feeling directly exposed to the danger, is quite different to just observing while comfortably sitting in front of a screen.

„The Chamber of Horror“

Letting oneself go and feeling free as a bird. This is exactly what inside360 enables together with wingsuit-pilot Graham Dickinson in „The Drop“. Jump opposite Graham Dickinson from the top of the Swiss Alps. Throw yourself down of steep rocks and fly through forests and valleys. Experience the excitement of wingsuit-jumping right here. Adrenalin guaranteed.

„The Office“

Everyone who was still able to sleep in peace after „The Chamber of Horrors“, can be excited for the second horror movie of inside360. Imagine one of the most secure places becomes a pure nightmare and you are right in the heart it. Somebody has it on you and you are at the mercy of him. Or is it just what you thought, you were?

„A Miracle of Nature“

Inside360 takes you on a trip of admiration and astonishment. Experience another world and explore the most beautiful and amazing spots of Iceland. Get enchanted by the unbelievable silence and idyll. Breathtaking landscapes, eternal ice, blue water and surroundings beyond words, are waiting for you right here. And all of this without any traveling. At least not physically.


Experience more than 100 exhibitors at the StartupCon 2017 from the fields of high-tech, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

In additionally live: sophisticated drones technology, a virtual magic show and much more!

drone technology


Experience sophisticated drone technology in the droning parcour on the StartupCon

virtual magic show

Virtual magic show

inside360 and magician Nicolai Friedrich present the first magic °360 VR experience of the world. Discover Nicolai Friedrich’s magic from the very close, wherever you are, whenever you want.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Visit exhibitors from the fields of high-tech, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and augmented reality

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