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Technology is everywhere! Here are the top 20 TECH START-UP Finalists aiming to change our lives! Vote for your favorite and join the Pitch & Award Ceremony on September 18th 2018 supported by Innovation World Cup® Series at StartupCon to see what’s coming next in the tech field.


20 start-ups, one winner! Who will it be?
Check out the finalists below, choose your favorite and give them your vote. Click the company that you wish to support in winning the prize and submit your vote.


Uniberry GmbH

Cido offers flexible access management for apartment buildings without physical keys or transponders. Instead, barcodes are used, which are either already present (e.g. on parcels for shipment tracking) or can be generated on demand. Deliverers scan the barcode of a parcel at the building’s main entry and thereby gain access to the hallway.


Brigh Trap

The BrighTap purpose is to inform in real time of water consumption and help user reduce their water bills. BrighTap provides consumed water quantities (liters/gallons, temperature, costs, etc.) and quality* (water quality index), always in a simple and clear manner on the product’s display, web and app This data can be tracked via the monitoring system.



Wanderwatch is a smartwatch for outdoor play, an app for parents and an innovative interactive bluetooth beacon. Wanderwatch encourages children (6-11 years) to play outdoors using today’s technology. Playing outdoors makes children smarter, healthier and happier. Wanderwatch is fun for kids.


eMovements GmbH

ello, the electric walker is a product of the eMovements GmbH. The company was founded 2016 in Stuttgart. ello is an electric walker which enables the user to walk more safely and longer. The electric wheels support the user when walking uphill and the automatic brake keeps speed constant when going downhill.



audEERING’s Audio Intelligence technology analyzes audio signals to automatically detect emotions, personal information, environmental sounds and many more aspects to enable emotional artificial intelligence.



LORIOT is a global secure, reliable, scalable LoRaWAN operator and service provider. Our solution allows to operate large scale IoT LoRa networks through a global infrastructure. Our mission is to enable IoT everywhere and make it accessible to everyone worldwide. The future of IoT is a Long Range!


Shipcloud GmbH

Shipcloud is an easy to use cloud based shipping platform connecting retailers to all carriers in one interface. It’s pre-integrated into 40+ shop/ERPsystems, allowing automated international shipping, tracking and returns.


Greenpocket GmbH

GreenPocket, based in Cologne Germany, is a cutting-edge software provider for the visualization and analysis of smart meter consumption data. Founded in 2009, with currently 30 FTEs, it has developed an energy transparency platform to unleash the value of energy consumption data through data analytics technologies and IoT based control automation.



Around 270 Million football players and coaches worldwide do not have access to objective performance data. TRACKTICS, a startup from Frankfurt (Germany), is about to change that. The performance-tracker of TRACKTICS allows every football player to meassure their athletic performance on the pitch.



At SmartyPans Inc. builds sensor enabled cookware to empower users to cook healthy and delicious meals at home. SmartyPans cooking pan senses weight and temperature of ingredients as you cook.

Optinvent ora logo green


Optinvent is a pioneer in patented see-through AR displays and products.  Optinvent holds a key piece of patented technology; a cost-effective high performance see through retinal display and has already sold thousands of products based on this core technology which is already in mass production.


Vilisto GmbH

Vilisto is smart and digital heat management for non-residential buildings. Based on presence detection and artificial intelligence, the vilisto system heats rooms only when required – with proven savings of more than 32%. In addition, digital facility services based on gathered data improve efficiency in facility management and reduce further operational cost.


i1BOX GmbH

i1BOX digitalizes small and medium sized companies while focusing on privacy protection and data souvereignity. Main topics are collaboration, sharing and digital optimization of workflows. We’re developing the i1BOX platform – the perfect “next generation business server”.



Gridscale is a cloud technology manufacturer and the only European provider of infrastructure and platform services. The company is dedicated to cutting-edge technology, bringing cloud computing to the next level.


Tip Crop

To suppress dependency on changing natural environmental conditions when growing plants Tip Crop has developed a new appliance.  Tip Crop ‚Oasis‘ is a stylish and modular food computer designed to grow fresh microgreens, mushrooms and medicinal plants in an easy, fun and enriching way.

Smestit-Logo UG

Our mission is to provide all website owners with simple tools and services which help to prevent error pages to be shown to visitors. We support in building knowledge of why broken website links are problematic and how to ensure that all links stay available.

logo onnicarecolorbadge_400x400

Onni Care

Onni Care is opening up their API to enable other baby monitor manufacturers to connect their baby monitors to Onni Care’s baby care and parenting services. Implementing machine learning also enables offering parents in-app  product/toy recommendations and further information to support children’s growth and development and to pinpoint possible anomalies.


PAIR Finance

PAIR Finance is a technological debt collection company. We use a self-learning technology based on data-driven behavioral science using digital channels to collect debts more efficiently and customer oriented.



collectAI provides digitised, AI-based payments and collection services to manage account receivables. Covering the end-to-end process from e-invoicing and dunning to debt collection it helps clients balancing between collection rates, costs and customer retention. In addition, the company offers payment links as well as business process outsourcing services. It uses digital communication channels and payment solutions for a frictionless checkout process. With its proprietary technology, collectAI fundamentally improves the customer experience, putting the needs and behaviour of the end consumer to the centre of the service. collectAI, founded in 2016, is part of Germany’s largest e-commerce retailer, the Otto Group.



Rooom is the first platform for 3D product and company presentations. Anyone can easily upload and publish their own content. Users can view the content in 3D, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Customers are for example online shops, museums and the real estate industry. But it also serves as a social network for private customers. Rooom already has 11,000 registered users. Trailer:

Netzwerkpartner 2018

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The finalist will pitch their ideas on the main stage of StartupCon on September 18th at 3 pm. Supported by the Innovation World Cup® Series, this session will give you a sneak peek to the front-running tech innovations, new market opportunities and genius entrepreneurs who will cover the booming market niches!

Start-ups, corporates and investors, be there or be square!
More information about the event can be found here.


Christian Stammel
Founder and CEO of WT | Wearable Technologies Group and Navispace AG

Willem Bulthuis
Business Angel, Corporate Venture Capital Advisor at WBX Ventures

Thomas Waldmann
Start-Up & Venture Manager of Würth Elektronik eiSos GmbH & Co. KG

Daniela Bach
High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH (HTFG)

Dr. Heinz Bettmann
RTZ Köln GmbH

Prof. Dr. Kai Buehler
Digital Entrepreneurship
Co-Studiengangsleiter Digital Business Management
Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln GmbH


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The Internet of Things (IoT) submissions of TECH START-UP are automatically part of the IOT/WT Innovation World Cup®, as TECH START-UP 2018 is one of the special prizes! The IoT submissions will be automatically included in the evaluation phase of IOT/WT Innovation World Cup®, and have the change to gain more finalist/winner benefits at the IOT/WT Innovation World Cup®! How great is that! More information about the IOT/WT Innovation World Cup® can be found here.


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