It is the third StartupCon – again supported by the City of Cologne – and we expect thousands of visitors in the LANXESS arena cologne. 300 Startups have the chance to present their ideas and innovations on the StartupExpo on October 27, 2016 to a wide audience. These are ten reasons which will convince you to attend the StartupExpo.

One day – huge media penetration

On 27 October, the LANXESS arena will gather thousands of visitors and 300 exhibiting startups on the StartupExpo, which takes place in the context of the StartupCon. The 300 Startups have the opportunity to present their ideas, innovations, products and services to entrepreneurs, CEOs, board members, investors, experts and the press. Another chance to draw attention with such a great outreach does not exist for Startups.

Make yourself known at the StartupExpo

Bevor doing business young companies have to build up a reputation in their industry. As a participant at the StartupExpo startups will have the opportunity to gain attention and to stay in the guests mind. The own ideas, innovations and newly developed business areas will not only be fleeting memories. The name of your startup is associated with a unique idea. So visitors of today’s StartupCon and StartupExpo will be your tomorrow’s customers.

Receive direct feedback from Experts


Among the visitors there are many experts from around the world of startups. These are not only well connected in the industry, but have a very good sense for doing business and to take your idea to perfection. Through discussions and feedback of many experts, the startups will have the chance to get new insights. With thousands of potential feedbacks, startups will improve to achieve sustainable success.

Hunting for Investors at the StartupExpo

Among the visitors at the StartupCon and StartupExpo we expect 250 investors. These are always looking for new partnerships and investments in young companies and their inventiveness. In personal interviews at one’s own stand founders have the chance to find investors. Not only with funds but also especially with the investor’s knowledge successful partnerships may arise that provide both sides tremendous value.

Going to catch customers

Another positive aspect for the 300 exhibitors at the StartupExpo is an opportunity to attract new customers. This includes not only private clients but also other companies, for example, from the middle class, who are looking for new business fields or who want to acquiring services of exhibiting startups. At the StartupExpo startups have time for self-promotion and may conclude lucrative contracts. This may lead to long-term success for startups.

Find collaborations and partners


In addition to clients and investors, many entrepreneurs, executives and CEOs will attend the StartupCon and StartupExpo in the LANXESS arena. Withing the framework of the StartupCon, those are looking for new partnerships and cooperations. These potential partners can include startups, which may benefit from each other. Through partnerships, startups may exploit important online platforms, through which they can offer their products and benefit from the expertise of their new partner.

Catch press attention

On October 27 the LANXESS arena in Cologne will become the international mecca for startups, numerous journalists and bloggers in grand scale of the StartupCon and StartupExpo. These are looking for great faces and stories which will be presented to a wide audience. Startups that can draw attention as part of the StartupExpo, discover themselves perhaps on television in the evening or read an article in the newspaper or online the morning. The StartupExpo promises a wide outreach.

Be part of the startup world capital Cologne


The program for the third StartupCon and the second Startup Expo is gigantic. Several thousand visitors, 300 exhibitors, 250 investors and 150 top speakers are expected to attend the Conference StartupCon in the LANXESS arena. For one-day Cologne is the world capital for startups – a mecca for the founder industry. Every participating Startup attending the Startup Expo will be part of this success story.

Application in a minute

Startups that want to present their ideas to thousands of guests at the StartupExpo, can easily apply online. At www.startupcon.de/startupexpo you can apply and fill in the application form within seconds. Just enter your name, email address, phone number and the website of your startup. Additionally you may want to write a message. This is optional. In just one minute, this process is done and the startup is part of the great StartupExpo.

Genius logistics and infrastructure

The participants of this year’s StartupExpo, on 27th October 2016, can benefit from the great infrastructure and logistics around the LANXESS arena. You can drive up right in front of the LANXESS arena by using car, train or tram. Arrival and departure by plane is possible with a short transfer to LANXESS arena. So you won’t be dead on one’s feet bevor even attending the Expo and you can save energy for important conversations with prospective clients, investors and experts.

StartupCon 2016

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