Sebastian Desand / CEO | Adaptive Simulations

Sebastian Desand is the CEO and Co-founder of Adaptive Simulations.

Sebastian is the fast thinking strategist and dealmaker at Adaptive Simulations. Which isn’t surprising considering that he is an experienced business developer and entrepreneur. Sebastian has previously worked as Head of Trading, Business Director and Managing Director. And in his role as a management consultant he has helped a number of companies excel in their sales strategies. When you observe him doing business it’s quite hard to believe he actually also was a lawyer once, but mention a legal issue, and he will light up in a heated conversation including various legal proverbs in Latin.

About Adaptive Simulations

Stockholm based startup Adaptive Simulations has recently come up with a ground-breaking solution that enables cloud-based (SaaS), automated flow simulations performed on supercomputers and affordable for small and medium enterprises (SME).

By automating simulations the customers can:

> Introduce simulations earlier in the design process and reduce time to market
> Liberate time to value creating analysis of results
> Eliminate human error and increase accuracy
> Reduce cost of simulation by 70 %

But above all, the unique automated solution makes the complex easy.

Adaptive Simulations is an offshoot of world-leading research conducted over the last decade by a team at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. They have received funding from the EU-commission as a part of the Horizon2020-programme and raised a seed-round of 1.55M EUR in 2017 with Creathor Venture and Karma Ventures as investors.

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