Ruben Nieuwenhuis / CEO TechConnect | Amsterdam Economic Board

In order to preserve and improve the competitiveness of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, and to get more diversity in tech, it is important to activate more talent to tech. The call for tech talent has grown rapidly in recent years. In the coming years, tens of thousands of additional programmers, data analysts, growth hackers, artificial intelligence experts and tech support staff will be needed.

That is why the Amsterdam Economic Board, together with the various stakeholders from the education and tech sector, is taking action with TechConnect. This program has to bridge the mismatch between supply and demand in the tech world in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (MRA) over the next four years. It must take control over the many initiatives to attract & train more people and get them to work by helping to scale up these initiatives. Our ambition is to activate 50,000 people for the MRA tech labour-market.