Richard Muirhead / Partner | Fabric Ventures

Fabric Ventures is a VC fund adapting the early, technical, and patient approach of venture capital to investing in decentralised data networks. Backed by OpenOcean (a leading European Series A fund focusing on “delicious” and data-intensive software) and Firestartr (a seed stage investment platform), Fabric has invested in projects including Ocean Protocol, Orchid, Polkadot, Status, Zeppelin_os, and Keep. Combining a pedigree in open-source, developer-oriented tools and early-stage venture investing with blockchain since 2013, Richard has made investments in Pantera Venture Fund, Bitstamp, Bitrise, and Citimapper. Richard was previously a 3x software entrepreneur, building/ scaling Automic (CA), Tideway (BMC), and Orchestream (Oracle) – reaching a cumulative market cap of $2.2bn.