Raymond Hannes /

I’m an entrepreneur at heart and have worked with many clients as an non-executive and consultant. Having founded a few startups myself I have personally experienced the difficulties of starting your own company but also the many benefits. My role has now shifted towards being a mentor, coach, sponsor and even investor in several startups. Some of my startup activities include:

– I am a board member in PortXL: the worlds first and best maritime and port accelerator (https://www.portxl.org)
– I am a Partner in the startup Foundation, a global network of entrepreneurs with the goal to make startups thrive (https://www.startup.foundation)
– I am a Startup Mentor in the Polaris Network, A network for young women in the Netherlands that want to grow professionally
– I teach entrepreneurship, strategy and innovation at several Universities in Europe

My purpose is to improve the world we live in and create better companies that have a positive impact on our environment and society. Every company must face the reality of continuous improvement, innovation and disruption, or risk becoming obsolete in the 21st century. The organizational structures that characterize established companies today are unlikely to thrive in the world of tomorrow. I believe that in the next 30 years startups will make the difference!