Petronela Sandulache / Head of HELLA Fast Forward | HELLA Fast Forward

Petronela is leading Hella Fast Forward Berlin – the pre-idea incubator where new technology startups are built from the ground up. She and her team are focusing on solving some of the future automotive challenges today by combining emerging tech like AI / ML, big data, distributed ledger technologies to identify compelling market solutions to electrification, connected vehicles and autonomous driving conundrums. With an innate curiosity for new tech, problem solving, and opportunities discovery combined with a global experience in management consulting, she is striving to fast forward the next innovation curve in the mobility sector. So far, HELLA Fast Forward has successfully launched in the market two tech startups and Yptokey.

She started her career in Australia as an economist in a private equity-backed company, then joined PwC innovation & ventures practice. During her time in consulting and dealing with clients from various industries, she discovered her passion for innovation and entrepreneurial empowerment by being part of the firm’s leadership circle that was shaping the future of the „ambidextrous organization“.

She holds a B.Econ from the University of Rome, and a M.Econ from the London School of Economics and Political Science and the University of Sydney. She is an honorary member of Beta Gamma Sigma. Her motto in life follows what Edison used to say: “There’s a way to do it better. Find it.”