Nana Bit-Avragim / Chief Strategy Officer, Chairwoman of the Xpomet Advisory Board | Xpomet©

Dr. Nana Bit-Avragim is a digital health transformer and medical sciences expert. Nana is passionate about new life sciences technologies and believes that innovation means adapting to the future.
To translate the latest global technological developments into life sciences and align it with the healthcare industry, Nana has successfully led a broad scope of innovative programs and partnerships between SMEs, NGOs, healthcare industry and academia in her previous roles as Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Charité Foundation and Head of Digital Health & Life Sciences program at the German hub of Singularity University, an executive education organization based on NASA Research Park in Silicon Valley.
Nana is currently building a unique community-driven festival platform, Xpomet©/Medicinale to showcase the next gen healthcare ecosystem as a global marketplace for health and life sciences.