Manuel Pistner / Founder & CEO | Flash Hub

Just imagine that any organization can start digital projects as simple as buying a configurable product in an online shop. Imagine that it is possible to get organizations a project team with real experts, for any technology and for any kind of digital work including required project infrastructure, workflows, and processes. Such a virtual organization will be ready to operate in less than a single day. Having this possibility in place will help organizations, large and small, to transform into a digital business much faster than possible these days. Where every digital expert in the world can work in well-structured projects supported by Cloud Technology and artificial intelligence, professionals can bring their best possible contribution to digital growth of any organization.

With Flash Hub we’ve transformed our local digital agency with 40 employees to a virtual organization of over 150 people, distributed all over the globe. We did this virtual transformation in less than 6 months. Our own example shows the power of virtual teams at its best. Our vision is to bring this power to any organization and make the work with virtual teams as fast, simple and reliable as possible in any kind of projects.