Joshua Scigala / CEO | Vaultoro Crypto Commodities Exchange

Joshua Scigala is the CEO and CoFounder of, the worlds first crypto commodities exchange running since 2015

Joshua has always had an interest in alternative economies, building the worlds first online clothing swap market where money was not needed. He quickly discovered that swapping is not an optimal way to trade. Joshua wanted to fix this by creating a currency that could be used in the marketplace instead of fiat. Naively he started work trying to invent digital money. In 2008 Joshua studied the work of the Cypherpunks, Nick Szabo’s original bit gold as well as Adam Backs Hash Cash.

In late 2010 Joshua found Satoshi Nakamoto‚Äôs Bitcoin White paper and in 2011 and a little later the work of Chris Odom’s Open-Transactions protocol.
At this point, Joshua never looked back and integrate bitcoin in 2011and Bit-message in 2012 into

In late 2013 Joshua lost a lot of money in the MtGox collapse and decided to build with his Brother Philip Scigala. Vaultoro focused on being the most transparent exchange in the world that also focuses on physical client allocated gold bullion instead of fiat as a counter asset. This way something like MtGox could never happen again. Joshua has pushed for voluntary self-regulation, exchange transparency and education in the blockchain industry. Vaultoro is the biggest Crypto commodities exchange, trading Tons of gold and is set to add more metals and cryptos later in 2018.