Jasmin Hüther / Startup Relations Management | Capgemini Deutschland GmbH

Jasmin is responsible for all startup collaborations of Capgemini – the biggest IT consulting firm of european origin – in Germany. Finding startups that are of interest to her customers as well as determining use cases for which a startup collaboration would be useful is at the core of her job. Additionally she actively develops new startup and Future of Work related programs at Capgemini (such as the „Teilzeitgründer“ program) and engages in Corporate Social Responsibility topics (especially in the areas of sustainability). She is part of the Venture Women club Stuttgart, the 12min.me e. V. and spends a lot of her personal time promoting a sustainable lifestyle and business-style as well as sustainable travelling.

Jasmin has been working in the tech industry for 7 years now – having started in the automotive sector, she always focused on innovation topics – from smart logistics to connected cars. Combined with her passion for startups she started mentoring founders and giving workshops in incubation or acceleration programs a couple of years ago.

She was born in Germany, but grew up in France, where she also mostly studied: she holds a Bachelor of Arts in Logistics from the Institut Superieur Franco-Allemand de Technique, d’Economie et de Sciences as well as a Master Specialisé in International Business Development from the Rouen Business School.