Dora Dzvonyar / Science Communicator | Technical University of Munich

Dora Dzvonyar is an educator and researcher at the Chair for Applied Software Engineering at the Technical University of Munich. After completing her MSc in Informatics, she joined the chair to pursue her passion for software engineering education. She is known in particular for teaching hands-on development in Swift to students with varying prior experience in coding. Her research interests include team composition for software engineering, and analyzing how development teams cope with uncertainty.

Dora also coaches scientists and experts to communicate better about their work at Explenarium, a place where she works with speakers to bring their knowledge out in the most engaging way possible, no matter how technical the topic. She is organizer and curator of TEDxTUM, a conference that brings ideas worth spreading from all fields of science and beyond to the local community.

Dora is advocating for the representation of women in science and technology both as a Munich Geekettes ambassador and TUM Informatics Gender Equality Officer.