Dimitra Papadopoulou / Founder and CEO | meHealthX

Dimitra is founder and CEO at meHealthX and the German blockchain for healthcare foundation. Her mission is to bring innovation in digital health, involve cross-industries, integrate emerging technologies and build together with other innovators a fair, secure and sustainable economy, involving individuals – SMEĀ“s – bigger players.

Her personal interest is to support people to do what they really love, be happy and successful. At meHealthX she is creating a culture of diversity and supports rare employee profiles i.e Doctors in tech, developers in

Health care, men in marketing, women tech makers and many more.

She is also independent expert at the EU Commission, evaluating international innovation proposals. Currently she is supporting an international IT consulting company to set up a blockchain practice and a training center. Furthermore she is involved international at several associations like the Israeli blockchain association as Scientific Advisory Board Member.