Csaba Singer (Dr. -Ing.) / CEO, CTO | Hybrid-Airplane Technologies GmbH

We are a Germany based Silicon Valley inspired StartUp with industrial high tech applications facing the problems, challenges and needs of the technological Areas called: Internet of Things, Big Data, Earth Observation, Artificial Intelligence and Education.

h-aero® is a science-backed combination of the long established flight concepts (helicopter, airplane, balloon) with the objective to preserve their respective advantages while overcoming their respective disadvantages by creating a synergetic arrangement of the components. With h-aero® zero and h-aero® one there are already two aircraft systems ready for sale. Compared to conventional „drones“, h-aero® is far superior in terms of flight endurance, safety, payload and capabilities. It fits perfectly to your aerial IoT applications, R&D and eye catching marketing needs.

For more info please write us an Email to request@hybrid-airplane.com