Britta Muzyk-Tikovsky / Managing Director & Founder | Capscovil

Britta is an advisor and founder of innovation agency and boutique publisher Capscovil. There, she develops business strategies, creates concepts and cooks up new marketing ideas for companies and startups as well as for in-house projects. A technologist by profession – Britta holds a Master of Business and Engineering from the University of Applied Sciences, Karlsruhe, Germany – she is driven by a passion for sustainability, diversity and education.

Britta is also the founder of Diversity Natives, an initiative to empower women and members of minority groups in technology and to drive innovation through diversity. In this role, she supports companies and event organizers in finding diversity embracing professionals that augment project teams and speaker panels.
Previously she worked at renowned companies such as INTEL, Teradyne and W.L. Gore where her focus on new business and strategic sales and market development enabled her to discover trends and drive their implementation.

For clients as well as her boutique publisher, Britta writes feature articles on selected technology topics. With her alter egos, she is the author of diversity and solar novel “GAME-Faint Signals” and co-author of spy novel on electric vehicles “Project Black Hungarian”; and she is the author of several fictional short stories on real technology. The unusual stories provide professionals with inspiring after-work reading and laymen with entertaining insights into technology trends. The unique storytelling concept is based a special way of thinking that enables the creation of new use cases and the promotion of diversity in the workforce.