Elevator Pitch

Download the app CREACE from the Google or Apple App Store! Scroll down and enter the code “pitch” – and you have access to the template of the elevator pitch!

Now you can record your Elevator Pitch and post it on the Videowall ! From the app, you have to share your elevator pitch over Facebook to get the chance of the monthly price. This video is directly linked to the hashtag #StartupCon so that it is included in the rating. Now your pitch is visible to all.


• 1 Winner after #/ Like count and Jury decision

• 2.000 € and 1 Wildcard for the regional qualification of the 1 Million Dollar Pitch

From ALL participants the three best pitches will be invited to the StartupCon and have the chance to participate in the regional qualification for the 1 million dollar pitch: only the jury will decide! Please also upload your Pitch Deck at the Pitch of the Day. So you increase your chances by 100%!

The Jury

Leiter UQBATE | Deutsche Telekom AG
Partner | Creathor Venture Management GmbH
Professor & Angel Investor
    Redaktionsleiter | Business Punk
    Member of the Advisory Board | GTEC - German Tech Entrepreneurship Center

    The CREACE app is available for free in the Google Store and Apple App Store. Your pitch is available for everyone on the Videowall of the CREACE app and is posted out of the APP on Facebook. The chance to get in to the regional qualification of the 1 million dollar pitch you will get after posting from the app.

    • For the complete participation in the StartupCon Elevator Pitch and the chance to 2.000 € and a Wildcard you have to share your video on Facebook with the #StartupCon and register here at the Startupfinder.

    • Thereby you will automatically take part in the “Pitch of the Day” and have even DOUBLE your chance to participate in the regional qualification of the one million dollar pitch.

    • TThe winner of the 2,000 € prize and the Wildcard of the Elevator Pitch are selected by 50% Facebook Likes and 50% jury decision (your pitch deck is required)

    • 3 participants taking part in the regional qualification of the 1 million dollar pitch on the StartupCon will be determined from ALL participants in the elevator pitch by a 100% jury decision!